Casino Keno Strategy: How to Increase Your Chance for a Win

Casino Keno Strategy: The Importance of Having Ace Up Your Sleeve

Unlike many casino games, such as poker or roulette, keno is a game of pure luck. A player has no way to influence the numbers that are being drawn. However, people always keep on seeking ways and strategies to increase their winning chances. And that’s normal. No matter how entertaining a casino game is, without a win, it turns out to be a disappointment. What attracts the most in a keno game is the large jackpot it offers. But if you want to purport it, you should bet on the maximum total of numbers. If you don’t, the payout will decrease. Accordingly, if you play keno just for entertainment, you can freely bet on only two numbers. This way you will get smaller wins but with a greater frequency.

However, if you are aimed to hit a jackpot, you should play big. To make the game both enjoyable and profitable, it’s worth having an ace up your sleeve via a working casino keno strategy.

Best Keno Strategies to Try

Perhaps all gamblers are familiar with this casino game since it’s available in all reputable casinos both land-based and online. Using an RNG (Random Number Generator), the game leaves its players no chance of affecting the drawn numbers. As we have already mentioned above, keno is a game of pure luck. However, there are still some ways to guide you in playing the game. Here we have separated several keno lottery strategy patterns to help you build a fantastic bankroll, choose the numbers correctly, and manage your money far better when playing Keno lottery.

Keno Strategies

Find the Best Bonus Deals in Online Casinos

It’s a definitely a clever decision to choose playing Keno from the comfort of your home rather than a brick-and-mortar casino. This way you can choose the casino that offers the best bonuses for playing Keno. Among the most popular and reliable online casinos in no particular order to practice and use your casino keno strategy while benefiting from bonus offers are as follows:

  1. Casino-X
  2. JoyCasino
  3. Slottica
  4. Betwinner Casino
  5. CherryJackpot
  6. RoyalAce
  7. 888Casino
  8. MiamiClub
  9. Royal Panda
  10. Planet7 Casino

Practice the Game by Playing For Free

Once you have learned the rules of the game, you should pass on practicing it. It would be quite reckless to directly pass to playing for money. Instead, you’d better practice implementing what you’ve learned by playing free Keno in one of the casinos mentioned above.

Opt for Multi-Race Cards

Another good tip or casino keno strategy to engage in is opting for the multi card game variant. Here you can choose numbers once over many games. This will save you much time especially if you have your lucky numbers.

Factor in the Odds whilst Placing a Bet

Though a player has the chance to pick up as many numbers as he wishes from the available, it’s not recommended to pick up them all since hitting them all is very low. It’s better to select between 4 and 8 numbers. This refers to all Keno games, whether it’s a 3 spot game or any other.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Keno Casino Games

Like all casino machine games, Keno, too has its pros and cons. Even if you have a keno casino strategy and strictly adhere to it, it is impossible to neglect the disadvantages of the casino game. So, let’s start with the positive sides of playing Keno online:

  1. The risks of this game are more flexible compared to those of a slot machine;
  2. Keno is a slow-paced game;
  3. Keno is available in far more places compared to other casino games;
  4. Keno is a widely available game;
  5. You can play Keno in groups;
  6. It doesn’t require special skills or much intelligence to play Keno;
  7. The game gives a chance to hit quite a large jackpot.

Everywhere where there are advantages, one can find disadvantages, too. So, here are the cons that can repel you:

  • Keno is a game of luck and not experience or strategy and there’s no “how to win” recipe;
  • There is hardly any real casino keno strategy that can help you win the game;
  • The house edge of Keno is very high – 40%.

The last step to take is to weigh up all the pros and con listed and decide which category outweighs.

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