Keno Game Online: How To Play And Which Game To Choose

Keno Game Online: Learn To Play It With Cleopatra Keno

Keno is a lottery-type game where the player’s task is to guess the numbers that will be drawn. Online casinos employ RNG principles in the draw procedure to ensure the utmost fairness. Similarly to most other types of web-based gambling entertainment, a Keno game online is typically available for free, no download required. Keno is one of the least complicated casino games, but it never hurts to brush up on the rules.

Is It Hard To Play A Keno Game Online?

In terms of ease of play, a Keno game online is much simpler than slot machines and table games. Essentially, you just choose a few numbers, and if the draw shows some of them, you win. The numbers you select before a draw are called “picks”. The numbers you’ve guessed correctly are referred to as “catches.”

Getting Familiar With Keno

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While the game setting and features may differ between separate online casino, all of them have the following typical elements:

  • Keno Card is basically a huge grid containing the numbers from 1 to 80. Most online Keno games organize these numbers into 8 rows.
  • Pay Table is where you can check your expected payout, which is conditioned by how few or many numbers you guess right. The Keno game online is peculiar in its payout system: the win depends on the percentage of numbers the player hits. Catch 6/6 and your bet may get multiplied by 1800 times. Catch 6/14 and the multiplier is only 2x.
  • Quick Pick is the button you use when you want the system to select the numbers for you.

There are no superior winning strategies in Keno, as the draw of numbers is completely random. Relying on your luck is the only way to win.

How To Play A Keno Game Online

Start with selecting a Keno game you want to play. If you’re not sure about your choice, check out Cleopatra Keno suggested below.

  1. Select your numbers. Some casinos allow players to pick a single number, others require at least two picks.
  2. Choose your wager per draw.
  3. Indicate the number of games you want to play using this bet.
  4. Wait for the game to draw the winning numbers.

The percentage of your catches in relation to your total number of picks is what determines the payout multiplier on your bet.

Cleopatra Keno – The Best Keno Game Online For Novices

If you’re looking for a Keno game online, you’ll soon discover that web-based casinos offer a variety of online Keno games free of charge. How to ensure you get the best gambling experience? Pick a game that has a good index of return to the player, pleasing graphics and sounds, and boosts its value with lavish bonuses. A perfect example is Cleopatra Keno.

What Makes Cleopatra Keno Unique?

The outstanding feature of this game is the 12 bonus rounds. They are granted when you win the current round and the last ball drawn is a catch – one of the numbers you selected. The extra rounds cannot yield you more free games. However, whatever you win during the bonus rounds is automatically multiplied by two.

Such generosity coupled with the streamlined design make Cleopatra a highly admired Keno game online. The ease of play contributes to the game’s popularity among beginner players who are only starting to dip their toes into the world of online gambling.

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