How to play Keno lottery online

In every Keno online lottery, you are asked to select several numerical positions on the field and start the drawing. If partially or completely coincide with the numbers generated by the system, the user will receive a certain prize. Depending on the number of activated sections, the winning odds for each number may vary. So, the fewer cells the player has chosen, the more prize he will receive for matching each one.

All Keno lotteries in online casino have a Quick pick button on the control panel. She is responsible for choosing random sections in the maximum number provided for by the rules of a particular slot. This option allows you to make quick bets and manage the process comfortably.

Features of Keno lotteries at online casino

The assortment of Keno lottery slot machines in online casino includes both models with classic rules and slots with more advanced functionality. So, Ducky keno and Fireball keno are equipped with an incredibly lucrative powerball option. According to it, a certain winnings, which are due for a round, can be increased by as much as 4 times! This will happen if the last number generated by the lotomat in the drawing coincides with one of those on which the player made a bet.

An equally entertaining bonus feature is available in the Keno slot Shamrock keno. Here the system determines a set of 20 numbers for each draw, 4 of which are marked with four-leaf clovers. If the player has previously placed a bet on 2, 3 or 4 sections, on which clovers will fall, he will receive a certain number of free moves – 5, 10 or 15, respectively. This option is an alternative to the well-known free spins in video slots (when, when scatters appear, the system starts free spins of the reels).

The Keno lottery slot machines at online casino will open up a lot of opportunities for all customers for big and easy keno wins and results. Moreover, the process of the draws will be exciting and dynamic, and therefore will remain in the memory for a long time.

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